How Balanced is Your Life?

Balance Wheel of Life For each segment, give yourself a rating between 1 and 10 where 1 means I dont have anything I want and 10 means I have everything I want in this area.
Then draw a line across each segment representing the number you gave it.
where 1 is almost at the centre and 10 is the outside edge of the circle.
Now join the lines for each segment and you have a picture of your life.

Does it look in balance?
Does it look the way you want it to?

How Can You Improve the Balance?

For most people, this is about giving more time to the 'inner side' of life - maybe through Yoga or Tai Chi, meditation or Reiki.

What Is Life All About?

Religion? No. Religions are created by man not by God. [Click here for a sideways look at religion]
Religion may be man's attempt to do what he believes his God wants him to - but religion and Spirituality are worlds apart.
The Spiritual Path is each persons need to find meaning and purpose in their life and can take many forms.

Self Development? Yes and No. This takes so many forms that you cannot say whether it is right or wrong
Self help gurus? From Tony Robbins to Harv Ecker and many more.
Many say these gurus are a great help but others are sceptical as to the long term benefits.

Success in life? YES
Family and Friends? YES YES YES
Being a "Good" person? Yes
Living up to your potential? Definitely, although this can be very difficult for many