We Created All of The Gods


Richard Dawkins poster
Earth There is no historical / archaeological evidence that any of the Gods ever existed.
Sure, there are plenty of things that believers think prove the existence of their particular God(s) but nothing that would start to convince a non-believer. Where are the ancient monuments that could only have been created by a God? Where is there anything anywhere on the planet that could only have been created by a God?
The answer is that such things don't exist.
Vicars arguing There are many thousands of religions and even the mainstream religions such as Christianity and Islam have many varieties with differing beliefs. There are so many contradictory beliefs between the religions that most or all must be wrong.
Even the number of Gods isn't agreed upon.
Jesus and Darwin fighting We use the supernatural to explain things we dont understand
There are numerous examples of this:-
  1. In many cultures, people prayed or sacrificed to their God(s) to bring the rains or the sunshine they needed for their crops to grow
  2. Many mental illnesses that are now treatable were believed to be caused by demonic possession
  3. Solar eclipses had serious consequences in many cultures, with people believing in some kind of celestial battle being fought out over the Sun
Nowadays these beliefs seem ridiculous, but so are many current religious beliefs and the apparent need for a supernatural being in order to explain some aspect of the Universe. There is no need to use the supernatural to explain anything.
Adam and Eve We learn to believe as children
We believe because we are taught to, but for most people what they believe is formed in childhood by their parents, family and friends and the culture they are brought up in. We tend to believe what those around us believe and not take the time and trouble to consider competing beliefs and figure out where the evidence exists to support beliefs.
A brain We believe because we have an in-built desire to believe
It's in our nature to see patterns and meaning where they may or may not exist. Many desperately want to believe but that doesn't mean what they believe is of any use.
God on a cloud throwing a lightning bolt Anthropomorphism
It's almost impossible not to use human qualities when trying to understand or describe God(s)
But the more like humans the God(s) are then the more likely that they were created by humans.
We create God(s) in our image.
  1. Greek God of war - Ares
  2. Roman God of love - Venus
  3. Christian God of forgiveness
  4. Muslim God of Jihad
Phone booths We all want a connection to a greater power that can undo suffering and death
Death is the greatest mystery of life and many religions offer some message about what happens after death. But the beliefs of what happens are very different across religions so they can't all be right and can't be proved.
Intolerance notice The presence of extreme belief
Extreme beliefs in some people negates the belief that people can think reasonably given a chance.
e.g. the many examples of people who are willing to die for their beliefs or even kill for their beliefs.
There have been many people who claimed that that all life on earth would end on some set day and yet they have all proved to be wrong so far. Many people appeared to believe that December 21st in 2012 was such a day, but it wasn't.
In the name of their religion, people will commit the most terrible acts in the belief they will rewarded at some later date or after death.
Optical Illusion We are hardwired to see patterns where often they don"t exist.
The human capacity to see patterns is a very useful survival tool but it can easily lead to false conclusions.
e.g. the person who sees the face of Jesus in a piece of toast.
We tend to see the hand of a supernatural entity in cases where there is no need. Many religious practices are examples of this false connection e.g. prayer brings rewards (see American TV evangelists)

Answers to Common Questions

Question 1: What about the people who feel they have a personal connection with God?
Answer: There are countless such people who feel some special connection to their God. However there are such people in each religion and again they can't all be correct as they have differing beliefs. In World War II most countries involved believed that God was on their side - this makes no sense.
Non religious people may feel such a bond with nature or their ancestors or something else.

Question 2: What about so called "miracles" and the power of prayer?
Answer: There are many who believe in miracles and many people whose "prayers" have been answered who don't believe in any specific God(s).
The results or power to achieve a result comes from the person. Belief can give huge strength, but it's not the object of belief that gives the power – that comes from the person. God does nothing.

Question 3: Do you believe that on death you wil simply cease to exist?
Answer: I choose to believe in re-incarnation and that the Spirit is us continues after death.
Do I have objective evidence for this belief? NO
I choose to believe based upon the coherent philosophy of re-incarnation, personal experience and the relationship between re-incarnation and cycles in nature.

Question 4: I feel the presence of God in my heart when I pray - is it real?
Answer: You may feel something that is very real to you. But it's you that you feel; your Spirit; your heart.
Many people from other religions have the same feeling and they can't all be right.

Question 5: What about all of the good works by Christians and other believers and the moral laws they have?
Answer: It's very arguable whether religions have contributed positively to the state of the world or negatively (think of the religious wars and religious intolerance that exist even today). It is of beneift for anyone to follow a moral code and to try to live a good life, whether a religious believer or not.

Question 6: God wants us to believe without proof as that shows our true faith. Why must we seek proof?
Answer: This is a preposterous belief. Why would any God need people to believe and why not give proof so the whole population would know the truth?
This is a human game e.g. I can choose to believe in Unicorns but that doesn't make them real, however many people I convince to believe with me.