Veronica Jemitus

Veronica Anne Jemitus

Picture of Dad and Mum Veronica died in 1999 with her husband Joe at her bedside. She had suffered from heart problems for a number of years and died suddenly from heart failure. She was the youngest sister of four (Rene, May and Joan).
She always preferred to be called Veronica and disliked anyone calling her Vera.
She married Joseph Jemitus in 1950 and was mother to Gerry, David and June.
Favourite music: dance bands and Gilbert O'Sullivan

What was she to herself?
She hated having her photo taken hence only the one photo here. She did various jobs, starting out as a telephonist and subsequently trying out doctors adminstrator, receptionist, shop worker and more. She generally worked part-time once her children were old enough not to need full time care. She never really treated her jobs as a career but she enjoyed the social side of mixing with people and the money was needed.
She suffered from depression for many years and often found life a real struggle.

What was she to others?
  • A natural dancer, Joseph’s wife and a beautifully dressed lady who loved fashionable clothes
My Favourite Memory
  • On holiday in Lydstep Haven - a caravan park near Tenby in South Wales. As a kid I loved the place and the freedom to wander around and meet other kids for table tennis, climbing the cliffs, drinking half beer/half lemonade shandies and getting a little drunk and watching Monty Python on late night TV.
My Not So Favourite Memories
  • Being dragged around town centres as Mum looked in all of the women's clothes shops.
  • Listening to Mum recount every word spoken in her day at work
  • Mum's nervous problems and depression.
Not someone who loved life, but she coped as best she could.