Robby the Robot

Robby appeared in the film Forbidden Planet (1956).

This marked a significant change as previously robots had tended to be very simple machines whereas Robby had a distinctive voice and personality.

Robby the Robot Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet Poster

Robbie appeared in various other films and television shows over the following twenty years, including Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, Wonder Woman and The Man from Uncle.

Robby was inducted in 2004 into the Robot Hall of Fame

Robby was the brainchild of Robert Kinoshita. He was built in 1955 by the MGM prop department, at a reported cost of $125,000 to 'star' in the epic science fiction classic Forbidden Planet (1956)

Robby's voice was provided by talented actor and announcer Marvin Miller.

Robby stands at a height of 2.3 metres and weighs about 140 Kgs.
Robby still lives with writer/director Wiliam Malone.