Richard Whitehead

Richard Whitehead Richard Whitehead
(born 19 July 1976)
is a British athlete.

He is a double above-knee amputee and runs in prosthetic legs (J-blades).

He holds the world record for athletes with a double amputation, in both the full and half marathon.

Richard's world record in the marathon is 2:42:52

At the London Paralympics 2012, Richard ran the 100 metres and came last in the final as he takes longer to get up to full speed and 100 metres isn't long enough for him to overcome that disadvantage.

But two days previously he ran in the 200 metre final. At the halfway point he was last but then stormed through in a triumph of strength and self belief to take the gold medal.   An incredible moment for Richard and for the nation.

Richard Whitehead Winning the 200 metres final

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