Joseph Jemitus MBE

Picture of Dad and Mum Joseph Oswald Jemitus MBE, born in 1920.
He died on 15th April 2012 in Arrowe Park hospital with his sons Gerry and David at his bedside. This was thirteen years after his beloved wife Veronica Anne passed away suddenly from heart failure.

Known to everyone as Joe, he was a husband to Veronica (seen in the photo) and father to Gerry, David and June.

What was he to himself?
That’s hard to know but I suspect that his job at Cammell Lairds was a key part of his persona. A draughtsman becoming chief draughtsman then changing career to become a paint technologist still at Lairds. He always said that he enjoyed every day of his job and that he was very lucky for that.

What was he to others?
  • A dancer
  • Veronica’s partner
  • Rona’s friend
  • Even a flirt in later years
  • Always willing to help. A friend to many and a kindly uncle to youngsters.
My Favourite Memories
  • In a park aged maybe six or eight years old, hanging onto a rope pole swing being pushed around the pole at what seemed like huge speed. I loved it.
  • As a school kid being helped with my homework by an ever patient Dad.
  • With Dad and Archie McKelvie - a colleague from Lairds, joking with me about calculus. He and Dad were clearly great friends.
  • Sitting at the dining table in his front room drinking tea with a kind old man talking about his early life at Lairds shipbuilders or his current feelings about life and its difficulties.
Gone; but he was much loved and he left his mark and the world was a better place for his presence.