Stuart Avenue Street Party
(June 2013)
I'm busy planning our street party for Sunday June 30th 2013. This open to all local people and is to raise money for the Sam Beare hospice in Weybridge.
League of Friends of Walton Hospital (October 2012)

I built a new website for the League of Friends of Walton Hospital

Stuart Avenue Street Party (June 2012)

WOW! We had a fantastic street party in June - not anything to do with the Queen's celebrations - we wanted a street party to raise money for charity and it was a blast.

League of Friends Walton Hospital Summer Fair (July 2012)

I organised the first summer fair in ages by the League of Friends for Walton hospital - the hospital staff and the Friends staff worked together to make a great fair and raised over £1,000 for the charity.

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