So, I've been a private sector employee, a public sector employee, started a business and currently an independent IT consultant and spending a lot of time on charity work with Walton Hospital League of Friends

My business life: www.davidjemitus.com

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What's Happening

League of Friends - Walton Hospital Summer Fair
(June 2016)
Planing a bigger fair this year - more stalls, more professional stallholders, bouncy castle etc.
Fightback Online
(May 2016)
Website went Live with limited but useful articles.
Fightback Online
(December 2015)
Started working on ideas for Fightback Online - and Fightback Ninja turned up.
League of Friends - Walton Hospital Summer Fair
(July 2015)
It was a good fair but for next year we need to spice things up.
Cool Activity Zone
(February 2015)
CAZ becomes a CIC but we're still looking for a suitable building
League of Friends - Walton Hospital Summer Fair
(July 2014)
The skies opened and we had thunder and lightning but we still had fun and raised money.
Brooklands Radio
(February 2014)
The new website goes Live - superb.
Brooklands Radio
(January 2014)
My first Live show on Brooklands Radio - Fantastic.
Brooklands Radio
(October 2013)
Started helping out as a studio manager at Brooklands Internet radio station.
League of Friends - Walton Hospital Summer Fair
(July 2013)
The League of Friends and the hospital staff worked together to make a great fair and raised over £850 for the charity.
Stuart Avenue Street Party
(June 2013)
We had a great street party on Sunday 30th June 2013 and raised a lot of money for the Sam Beare hospice in Weybridge.